I’m a software developer, user interface designer, and occasional artist based in Manila, Philippines. I'm passionate about open source software and have more than a decade of work experience specializing in custom web and mobile application development.

I grew up in Los Baños, the so-called Special Science and Nature City of the Philippines, a small town in Laguna province, about a few hours drive southeast of Metro Manila. I graduated with a Statistics degree with minor in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines. Soon after graduation, I pursued a career in software development and since then I have been writing software for web and mobile and had the pleasure of working with different people across the globe (Europe, United States, and Asia).

Other Interests

I’m a lifelong fan of metal music, dark/macabre art, and tattoos. I like to draw dark imagery. For me, I consider tattoos as a serious art form and I greatly admire artists who dedicate their work in this medium. To list a few artists, I get inspiration from the works of HR Giger, Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell, Hans Memling, Théodore Géricault, Caravaggio, Pieter Claesz, etc.

I also enjoy traveling occasionally to try new tastes, new culture, and get new tattoos.

About This Site

I intend this website to be a medium for sharing my experiences and thoughts on software development, design, art, and other things that interest me. This is also my garage for my code experiments so there will be constant changes and there might be occasions that some sections will not work properly.

You can also find me on social media and other websites:

Other than that, feel free to email me at karloespiritu[at]gmail.com.