Here are some of the past projects I've been involved with and done in the past. Most of the projects and applications I've done are for private use and manage confidential data. For some of the apps, I can only display a section of the user interface.

Key Lime Sailing Club

A site redesign for Key Lime Sailing Club, a vacation rental based in Key Largo, Florida. This is still in progress and will feature enhanced photos of the cottages, better layout, search engine optimizations and content-managed system using WordPress.

Key Lime Sailing Club (2010)

Site redesign for Key Lime Sailing Club

Custom Reports
A report system web application for a small private business. They needed a more efficient way to summarize the data from their databases. I can only show a small portion of the application since most of the screens display confidential data. The app is being used to monitor their sales and analyze data.

Custom Reporting System (2010)

Custom Interactive Reports/Charts for a small private business

Customer Management Interface (2010)
Administration user interface design and web application for a small private business. The app is used to easily manage their booking requirements and customer records.


Icons from http://kyo-tux.deviantart.com were used for the main navigation.

Customer Management App (2010)

Customer Management App for a small private business

Booking Calendar

Calendar Application for Key Lime Sailing Club

The application allows users to manage reservations of Key Lime Sailing Club in a fast and easy way. The calendar displays the different cottages available in different colors for fast scanning of availability. Every reservation can also be modified, approved, or deleted from the calendar interface. All the reservations are also summarized beautifully in the reports section of the application.

Reservation Calendar (2008)

A custom calendar application for Key Lime Sailing Club.


A reservation application to manage guest bookings of Key Lime Sailing Club

KLSC has several cottages and sailboats for rent and the application is used to streamline the booking tasks. Previously, booking was done manually using an actual printed calendar. Using the application, all guest bookings are now done online and guest records are now easier to keep track.

I can only display a small portion of the web interface because most of sections display confidential information. The application features search, guest records management, automatic checking of reservation overlaps, easy-to-use user interface, and many more.

The application was built using phpscheduleit but all of the main features of the application were custom written.

Reservation Management App (2008)

A Booking Application for Key Lime Sailing Club

UPLB Statistical Society
The site was implemented using Drupal CMS. The site features private messaging, job postings, forum, and photo galleries. Most of the features are available for members only. I also designed the theme which incorporates the color theme of the university. I haven’t updated this site for quite sometime, but I intend to migrate it WordPress 3.0 as soon as it is released.

Visit: http://www.uplb-stats.org

UPLB Statistical Society (2008)

A social networking site for my college academic organization

Sailing Florida Keys

A secondary website for Key Lime Sailing Club, a vacation rental in Key Largo, Florida. Simple and clean design, which highlighted testimonials of past guests and photos of the resort, was created to entice potential tourists.

Visit the site: http://www.sailingfloridakeys.com

Sailing Florida Keys (2007)

Secondary website for Key Lime Sailing Club


HTML email templates for a vacation rental business, Key Lime Sailing Club

The templates were used to support email marketing campaigns for promos and special discounts. The HTML code for the email newsletters were carefully written to ensure compatibility with a wide range of email clients and web-based emails. The newsletter design was thoroughly tested to ensure it passes spam filters of various email providers.

The specifications of various email clients listed in the Email Standards Group was used as a basis for the newsletter designs.

KLSC HTML Email Newsletters (2008)

HTML-based email templates for email marketing campaigns

Acme Mobile

Custom online charts and reporting applications

Acme Mobile distributes premium mobile games and content to different carriers in Southeast Asia. They have offices in Bangkok, Singapore, and Manila and heavily depend on sales reports to determine revenue share of their content suppliers. The reporting application retrieves data from a massive MySQL database and displays summarized data and charts in real time. Several other reporting applications were also developed to generate ad hoc reports for different requirements.

Visit the site: http://www.acme-mobile.com

Acme Mobile (2008)

Custom reporting applications & charts


Customer service application tools and real-time reports

Globat.com is a web hosting company in the United Sates that offers affordable, quality Web hosting solutions to customers worldwide. Globat.com provides feature-rich hosting packages and dedicated customer service that allows them to make Web hosting accessible by everyone, regardless of technical knowledge.

Customer service application was written in Perl to manage and update and administer their customer records from their BackOffice administration web tool. In addition several reporting tools were also created to summarize and display relevant statistics from several MySQL databases.

Visit the site: http://www.globat.com

Globat.com (2007)

Administration tools and real-time reports


PinoyExchange is one of the biggest online community of Filipinos from around the world. I was the mobile developer for the site at that time. I wrote an application that would enable users to create their own mobile journal in the website. It was pretty much similar to Twitter, but of course it was limited to the available web technologies at that time.

I was also involved in site maintenance and enhancements for the website.

Visit the site: http://www.pinoyexchange.com

PinoyExchange.com (2002)

Mobile journal (similar to Twitter) and other SMS/Web-based applications