A Brief History of HTML5

DesignMay 18th, 2010

A very interesting read about the history of HTML that will be in the upcoming book, HTML5 for Web Designers.

Here’s an interesting passage:

There are two groups working on HTML5. The WHATWG is creating an HTML5 specification using its process of “commit then review.” The W3C HTML Working Group is taking that specification and putting it through its process of “review then commit.” As you can imagine, it’s an uneasy alliance. Still, there seems to finally be some consensus about that pesky “space or no space?” question (it’s HTML5 with no space, just in case you were interested).

Although the full specification of HTML5 will be completed by 2012, modern browsers already support parts of the specification. And I quite agree with the article that we should start using parts of the specification as soon as web browsers support them.

The full article can be read here.

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